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The Secret Hidden in The Ginkgo Biloba

  • 01January 14

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    The Secret Hidden in The Ginkgo Biloba The Secret Hidden in The Ginkgo Bilo

    Ginkgo biloba exists as early as the ice age in the world. It is the one of the oldest trees in the world.Ginkgo biloba is a symbol of longevity, most of ginkgo biloba compositions are used in beauty and health supplies.
    When we in the bad health, our endocrine will easily disorder, oxygen free radicals in the body too much, but lack of peroxide disproportionation, lead to too much oxygen free radicals and true cortex cells oxidation reaction, forming a large amount of fat brown (lipid peroxide), which is most often present in female facial chloasma or pregnancy spots. Ginkgo biloba flavonoids can hinder the formation of pigment in the dermis, reach whitening skin and prevention and control of pigment plaques. In addition to flavones, manganese, molybdenum and other trace elements in ginkgo biloba leaves, also can remove oxygen free radicals and inhibit the growth of the melanin.
    Human skin updated completely will take about 3 months , but why we will still face with annoying little fine lines? The reason is that generate new cells in dermis haven't reached to the skin surface has been excessive free radical oxidation, when its arrival to the epidermal layer already belongs to senescent cells. Mentioned flavonoids of ginkgo biloba is a free radical scavenger, can protect cells in the dermis, improve blood circulation, prevent cell oxidation formed the wrinkles.


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